[c-nsp] Issue with MPLS implementation using cisco ME-3750-24TE-M within our backbone

thucydide tajouo tajouo at yahoo.fr
Fri Sep 12 06:48:42 EDT 2014

Hi everybody, 
I am planning to intergrate MPLS in our backbone using
cisco ME-3750-24TE-M.
For it, i have implemented a small lab with :
·         3 cisco ME-3750-24TE-M (2 provider edge and 1
·         1 WS-3550-24SMI (customer edge)
·         1 cisco 1720 (customer edge)
To allow communication between routers (PE and CE), we are
using OSPF as routing protocol between LSR and PE, and default routes on
Customer edge with PE as next hop.
All these configurations are working very well so from one
CE (cisco 1720), we can ping another CE (WS-3550) without any problem.
Note that between PE and LSR, we use VLANs interface
(because MPLS cannot be enable on physical interfaces).
Once MPLS is enabled between PE and LSR, we note that :
·         From PE, we can ping any other router on the
·         From any CE, we can ping PE and LSR interfaces
which are within MPLS backbone
·         From one CE we cannot ping another CE 
·         From one CE we cannot ping PE interface
connected to another CE
I also note that, when implementing the same architecture
(with 7500 routers) using GNS3 simulator, we can ping any CE from another CE
with MPLS enable.
So i wanted to know if there are particulars details to
consider when implementing MPLS with ME-3750-24TE-M.
How am i supposed to do. 

Need your help, please

Best regards,

Thucydide TAJOUO

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