[c-nsp] QOS on ME3600 (service instance)

CiscoNSP List cisconsp_list at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 22 04:09:11 EDT 2014

> ping vrf TEST3 size 1500 df-bit repeat 5000 timeout 0
> A ping with a non-zero timeout will wait for the replay OR timeout, which
> makes it hard to see any shaping related drops.

Thank you Lukas!

Am seeing drops now:

#sh ethernet service instance policy-map                        
  GigabitEthernet0/3: EFP 6 

  Service-policy output: TEST_1MB

    Class-map: class-default (match-any)  
      1150 packets, 1738700 bytes
      30 second offered rate 356000 bps, drop rate 342000 bps
      Match: any 
  Traffic Shaping
    Average Rate Traffic Shaping
    Shape 1 (kbps)
      Output Queue: 
        Default Queue-limit 49152 bytes
        Tail Packets Drop: 968 
        Tail Bytes Drop: 1469424 


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