[c-nsp] asr1001-X PPP disconnects

Steve Lalonde steve at enta.net
Wed Sep 24 12:41:02 EDT 2014


We have some new ASR1001-X acting as LNS that have a strange load related PPP disconnect.

show vpdn history failure gives

User: user at domain, MID = 57549
NAS: lac1, IP address = 78.x.x.x, CLID = 30205
Gateway: lns11, IP address = 188.x.x.x, CLID = 54925
Log time: Sep 24 13:32:04.261, Error repeat count: 1
Failure type: The remote server closed this session 
Failure reason: Result 1, Error 0, Dataplane down

this starts happening at a few 100 sessions connected and gets progressively worse as the load increases, at 7500 sessions 12 of 15 attempts failed on a lab 1921.

We have a TAC case open but so far none of the TAC suggestions have made any difference.

Google only says it might be caused by a radius attribute but we have eliminated that as the cause.

There are no common CPE devices and it seems to affect some users more than others.

if we point the users at a 7301 they connect first time every time the configurations are almost identical.

We have tried all the available IOS XE versions all exhibit the same issue.


Any one have any idea what this could be?




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