[c-nsp] EEM Track Configuration

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 3 03:44:49 EDT 2015

> Maybe the IOS image I was using caused some issues
> ACS already in place , but my customer wants to try it via scripting
> and see the mail arrive at his inbox when a change is made on the device
> Can you please share your configuration?
> I have done the below but as I told earlier am facing a lot of log messages
> and error messages

I'm using configuration logging as well:
 path https://path-to-central-server/folder/$h

IOS replaces the $h variable with its hostname, so I can push this configuration
to multiple machines.

The central server doesn't safe the file directly to the filesystem (as
a webserver with this PUT request usually would), but my own code
intercepts it, does some normalizing and parsing, and then commits
the change to a GIT repository (including original time and username
of the change on the device, based on the config header).

The GIT repository then provides a lot of flexibility. I am visualizing
the changes with the very fast and simple CGIT. But you can also
configure post-commit email notification I'm sure.



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