[c-nsp] Need working ASR1k pppoe police/shaping

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 3 03:50:35 EDT 2015

> Right, the rub is 'configure the policy maps', which is what I started
> with. Then there are the control policies and the service policies and
> the lack of any explanation, because it all has to work %100 before any
> of it can work, at least in my extensive testing. Somone graciously
> supplied a working example for access rate limiting which was easy
> enough to do. More sophisticated queuing and shaping still is elusive -
> do you have any examples of QoS that you can share?

Tbh I'm just using class class-default policing in input and shaping in
output on the ASR1k. I do however use parent shaper + child LLQ + CBWQ
on 7200's. I expect the very same configuration to work fine on the ASR1k
as well.

I'm not sure what failed in your environment? Of course, PM's that don't
work on Ethernet subinterfaces won't work on PPPoE session either.



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