[c-nsp] IP Transit optimization

Fred Hollis fred at web2objects.com
Mon Aug 3 06:37:02 EDT 2015

Hi Darren,

We're currently evaluating Border6 and so far it looks very promising. 
Their support is unbelievable awesome, they have a fantastic 
understanding of the whole network picture.

What I like a lot with them is that they're more a smaller company and 
much more flexible than e.g Noction.

As far as I remember, they also offer inbound optimization (based on 
prepending AS and setting BGP communities), but it's not something we 
tested so far

On 03.08.2015 at 08:41 Darren Liew wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm looking to optimize my IP transit considering
> 1. IP transit utilization
> 2. lP transit link price
> 3. Packet delay/loss
> We have a few IP transit providers with different cost per meg (with
> burstable feature). Basically what I want to do is to automatically move
> traffic from one link to another based on the policy & threshold
> It looks like there's few options in the market. Does anyone have any
> experience with the following? Or any other product experience welcome.
> 1. Noction - (unfortunately no inbound)
> 2. Internap  Miro Controller
> 3. Huawei RR+
> 4. ThousandEyes
> Thanks in advance !
> Rgds,
> Darren
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