[c-nsp] Query on MVRF using Extranet approach + VRF Leaking

Neil Morris nmorris at tibus.com
Sun Aug 9 23:15:46 EDT 2015

Hi Folks,

I have inherited the delivery of a solution for which there has been little
design.  I am currently working through options to provide our customer (a
epos provider) with multicast Œbeacon¹ traffic for till systems as a

The multicast sender is to sit behind ASA5515X (already purchased!)
The receivers (various retail stores) will be terminated on our LNS within
their own VRFs.
Utilising the extranet option 2 ­ senders VRF on the receivers PE.

With regards to design I am looking to leak the Œsender¹ prefixes & any
necessary RP addresses from the Œcommon¹ VRF into each of the customer VRF¹s
as the same Œbeacon¹ source address is what the till systems will use for
TCP based communications.  In order to get 2-way comms I obviously need to
leak the receivers prefixes into the senders Œcommon¹ VRF.

Just wondering if anyone has seen anything similar to this or can see any
real ³gotchas² with the approach?

Kind Regards,


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