[c-nsp] Cisco IOS Licensing - Downgrade

Steve Housego Steve.Housego at itps.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 12:38:52 EST 2015

Trying to get a straight answer from Cisco and I¹m not getting any
definitive answers.

Can anyone here comment on if you¹re legally able to downgrade IOS without
a SMARTnet contract?

A bunch of routers arrived and I want to downgrade the code to match the
ones we already have in production (same make/model - 887VA).

Getting the IOS of one of the existing routers isn¹t a problem - it¹s the
legal issue of using code that it wasn¹t shipped with? The EULA has
Œupgrades¹ written all over it, but no mention of downgrade.


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