[c-nsp] PSTN network emulation for voice and data

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Mon Jan 12 12:45:13 EST 2015

Hi Tom,

> Hi everyone.
> I'm looking at putting together a box with some PRI, BRI and FXS interfaces to
> act as an "exchange in a box."
> Cisco has a 2 port BRI VIC that can do network emulation (VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE)
> but I need some help to clarify a point.
> It seems that this VIC can be used to allow you to connect terminal
> equipment, which I guess could include a router with another BRI VIC, and
> place voice calls between the two devices. But, could I take something like a
> WIC-1B-S/T and connect it to this VIC to place data calls between a router and
> an access server?
> Has anyone tried this, or does anyone simply know if it won't work and I'd be
> wasting my time/money? Perhaps I would have to configure the BRI to do
> DoV to work?

You can do 64k digital calls in IP, some of the older cards did not but the newer ones do. 
Getting 64k in IP to work between different vendors can be fun, but we've done it between cisco and patton/genband
The vwic will translate from isdn bearer 64k to codec clear channel in the voip dial peer so you would need another device before the access server to translate back to isdn.
AFAIK the vwic does not do cross connect to go from one port to another on the same device but I may be wrong....



> Thanks
> Tom
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