[c-nsp] Community tag Question..

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Mon Jan 12 16:44:54 EST 2015

Hi Everyone,

Question on route-maps/community tagging (And "continue") when receiving routes from upstream:

I want to tag one route(default route) with a specific community tag + other tags, and then also tag all routes(Including default route) with the same community tags EXCEPT the one applied to default only.

i.e. I want tagged with 1234:3000 1234:3010 1234:5000 1234:11000

and ALL routes (Including default), I want tagged with 1234:3000 1234:3010 1234:11000

If I apply the above via route-map:

ip access-list standard GRT_DEFAULT_ROUTE

route-map UPSTREAM_A-IN permit 20
 match ip address GRT_DEFAULT_ROUTE
 set community 1234:3000 1234:3010 1234:5000 1234:11000
route-map UPSTREAM_A permit 30
 set community 1234:3000 1234:3010 1234:11000

All prefixes(including default) are tagged with 1234:3000 1234:3010 1234:11000, if I remove the "permit 30" section, default route is tagged with 1234:3000 1234:3010 1234:5000 1234:11000.

So, the "permit 30" section overwrites the tags applied by "permit 20" - Is there anyway to achieve what Im trying to do?

NB - This is on an ASR1K


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