[c-nsp] Experience with Cat6880 and VSS

f287cd76 at opayq.com f287cd76 at opayq.com
Wed Jan 14 21:27:13 EST 2015

We're having some issues with our new C6880 switches in VSS mode and are
interested if others are seeing the same issues. 
For example 
1)  Issues with GLC-T optics (1GE) optics seen as 10 ge. 
2) LACP Port-members ‎coming up in suspended state. Shut/no shut revives the
member.   Cabling is tested and verified OK
Cisco alluded to possible issues with flow control being enabled upstream.
3) Switch is locked up after eFSU upgrade is initiated. 
I issued the issu loadversion command with details and the standby switch
should load and reboot up with new code. 
It hung. Cisco could give us anything as the box was hung.

We have TAC cases open.. but not progressing well.

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