[c-nsp] iBGP and redistributing full table to RR...no best path?

CiscoNSP List cisconsp_list at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 18 13:47:30 EST 2015

Hi Everyone,

I've setup a test iBGP session from an edge router(ASR1006) -> an RR (ASR1001), and filtered the advertisements from ASR1006->RR to only being from one of our upstreams via matching a community tag.

Session comes up, all the correct routes are "advertised" to the RR, but I see "no best path" due to the next hop being "inaccessible"....which makes sense...the RR doesnt know about the next hop being advertised to it from the ASR1006.

So, I tried adding "next hop self" to ASR1006 for neighbour ASR1001(RR) - This updated all the routes with the loop IP of the ASR1006, and the ASR1001 has a route for this IP(And can reach it), but, the routes are still not being installed due to "no best path"? (The next hop being "inaccessible" is no longer being reported).

All the routes received from this iBGP session, only have one path available, the RR can reach the next hop(It is peering via this IP), but it still reports each route as "no best path"?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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