[c-nsp] How can I increase Ethernet MTU?

Darren O'Connor darrenoc at outlook.com
Sat Jan 24 15:42:41 EST 2015

If you switch is running any L3 interfaces, and as long as you keep your system MTU routing to 1500, there are no problems.
>From a host perspective, if they are sending frames across the network, they won't care if a switch in the middle can take a larger frame, they only care if a switch can't take a smaller frame.

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> Subject: Re: [c-nsp] How can I increase Ethernet MTU?
> Nick Hilliard wrote:
> > > What if I set "system mtu jumbo 9198" on a random switch in the
> > > middle of the network, would it disrupt connectivity (STP or OSPF in
> > > the management VLAN or anything else)?
> > 
> > "system mtu jumbo" is only activated on a switch reboot.  You can safely
> > issue the command on a switch, and it won't have any affect on running traffic.
> But after a reboot with a new "system mtu jumbo", what adverse effects
> can I expect if there is a jumbo MTU switch among switches with the
> default MTU?
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