[c-nsp] Enabling multicast routing on 3750G platform

Adrian Minta adrian.minta at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 12:55:37 EST 2015

look for the stream TTL.

On 28.01.2015 19:37, Lobo wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I've been trying to get multicast routing to work on a single
> 3750G switch between two vlans but for the life of me it just doesn't
> work.  When the host and receiver are on a single vlan the streaming works
> ....
> The server streaming via VLC is and is using for the
> multicast address. The receiver is and using VLC to stream.  I can
> see the traffic coming in on port 1 but no traffic leaving the switch's
> other port.
> BTW, I tried dense-mode and sparse-mode as well with similar results.
> Any thoughts?
> Jose

Best regards,
Adrian Minta

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