[c-nsp] Enabling multicast routing on 3750G platform

Peter Rathlev peter at rathlev.dk
Thu Jan 29 05:26:20 EST 2015

On Wed, 2015-01-28 at 19:57 -0500, Lobo wrote:
> I've moved the configuration on the switch so that the ports are routed now
> instead of using vlans but still no go.

Does "show ip igmp groups" show something joined via Gi1/0/2? It
probably does since mroute has Gi1/0/2 as an sparse output interface.

What does "show ip mroute active" say?

Any special reason for having the "ip igmp join-group"
configured on Gi1/0/2? Normally the switch/router shouldn't receive the
traffic, just forward it.

Are you sure VLC is sending stuff with TTL > 1?

We don't use Cat3k for multicast routing, but maybe "show platform ip
multicast counters" can give some clues?

Just some shots in the dark. :-)


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