[c-nsp] ME3400 high cpu

Eric Van Tol eric at atlantech.net
Thu Jan 29 06:10:15 EST 2015

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> Hi,
> The ME3400 is high CPU. How should I do next?

Is there any possibility that you have the 'layer-2' SDM template applied?

#sh sdm prefer layer-2 
 "layer-2" template:
 The selected template optimizes the resources in
 the switch to support this level of features for
 8 routed interfaces and 1024 VLANs. 

  number of unicast mac addresses:                  8K
  number of IPv4 IGMP groups:                       1K
  number of IPv4 multicast routes:                  0
  number of IPv4 unicast routes:                    0
  number of IPv4 policy based routing aces:         0
  number of IPv4/MAC qos aces:                      0.5K
  number of IPv4/MAC security aces:                 1K

Early on in our ME3400 usage, we had some that did not have the right SDM template applied and while routing did work, it was all being done by software.  Oops.


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