[c-nsp] NDE Sup720-3BXL and 3CXL with Andrisoft WanGuard

Dumitru Ciobarcianu cisco-nsp at lnx.ro
Thu Jan 29 15:10:01 EST 2015

On 27-Jan-15 18:12 PM, John Brown wrote:
> Can the 65xx with SUP720-3BXL or 3CXL support netflow rates that are
> not sampled rates ??
> At present we are doing a sample rate of 1024, and I'm wondering if we
> can reduce that to get finer resolution and if that will  a)
> negatively impact the box, b) really get us anything...
> The box is used for routing and managing BGP transit / peering connections.
> Any experience with Andrisoft Wanguard product, good bad ugly, support issues ??
> If any one has sample configs, i'm interested in that as well


In my experience, any DDoS detector which is netflow-based will not be
fast enough or accurate enough with an SUP720. At least for us, it wasn't.

We ended up using port mirroring and running detection on that.



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