[c-nsp] effect of 'mls qos'

Mike mike-cisconsplist at tiedyenetworks.com
Mon Jun 1 02:02:45 EDT 2015

Hi Gang,

     I have a question regarding the effect of 'mls qos' on a 3560g 
switch, with no other configuration.

     I did some testing and it seemed to me that the aggregate thruput 
of my switch, which has 5 port channels with 2 gigE ports each, would 
drastically drop to below 10mbps for a standard file copy on nfs. And 
when I removed 'mls qos', the thruput would climb back up to 500 - 
700mbps range on that same file copy.

     There is no qos fig in that switch, just that single statement. It 
also does have 'ip services' code in it but it's only used really for 
layer 2 switching. I just thought this was rather odd, wondering if 
anyone has any thoughts on this.


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