[c-nsp] ASR9K and bandwidth

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It is 220 bidirectional with one RSP, 440 with two.  So for instance a 24x10G is only slightly oversubscribed with one RSP to the fabric.  The 36x10G is oversubscribed in other ways I believe, meaning the NPU can only do 3 ports linerate out of 4 regardless of the fabric.  


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I just have project with ASR9K and I'm unsure regarding what datasheet
Eg. I have RSP440, and datasheet says:

"◦   220 Gbps/slot with single RSP"

Is it 220Gbps in one direction (then 220 * 2 = 440Gbps becouse in and out
traffic) or summary for both directions (in+out).

Same question regarding MOD160 module, it provides 160Gbps but summary on
in one direction ?

Is linecard A9K-36X10GE-TR oversubscribed or line-rate ?

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