[c-nsp] 3850 & Cat 7A

Mal Malz at jetlan.com
Sun Jun 14 01:26:54 EDT 2015

Anybody using cat 7A (Tera) cabling with 3850 ports ?

Observing some ports with PoE+ splitters (Class 4 devices) continuously giving power TStart errors.

Issue doesn't happen when i drop a Cat 6A UTP cable between the splitter and the port as a test.  The structured cabling is certified Cat 7A (on TE) with factory TE cables (Hybrid: Tera / RJ45 ends).

Additionally, we have some Axis PTZ cameras (class 4) working fine off the same cabling.  Plenty of Class 3 devices (9971 IP Phones etc) work a treat.


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