[c-nsp] DFZ-in-a-VRF: ASR1k per-ce label TTL troubles

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 15 15:49:48 EDT 2015

>> Anyone reading this thread is probably interested in this bug as well:
>> CSCuu85298: FIB/LFIB inconcistency with per-ce label allocation
> Good catch thank you buddy.

Yeah, I was first reporter on both bugs, so it looks like this never really
saw a production deployment until poor me pushed it out :(

> I think a lot of folks out there is on 15.3(3)S4
> Now we need to wait for .S6 I guess?

If you want per-ce allocation mode, than you definitely need to wait for
the CSCuu85298 fix, otherwise your egress LER will blackhole traffic when
switching from one EBGP best path to another (because it will keep label
switching towards the old next-hop, while IP routing to the correct next-hop).

S6 is what I'm trying to target for a fix with TAC, yes.



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