[c-nsp] vs ip device tracking on cisco3850

Arne Larsen / Region Nordjylland arla at rn.dk
Fri Jun 19 11:26:36 EDT 2015

Hi all.
Can someone help me out here
We have Cisco 3850 switches with ip device tracking enabled.
I looks like this tracking is sending out arp on behalf of hosts that are another switch.
This behaviour is making our surveillance video controller believe that there is an ip conflict because the arp is based on the controllers address.
I was of the assumption that device tracking was local on the switch, so I don't understand why the switch sends it out on trunk interface.
I'we tried to disable this tracking but without any luck.
The only thing that works is to remove the vlan that runs the video from the trunk towards the 3850.
All others switches in this setup is 3750v2 and 3560C

3850 --- 3850---|--3750-12g--|--3560-3560-video ctl
    1             2                        3             4             5
The arp is send from the number 2 3850 and is received on 5-3560 where the video ctl is connected.


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