[c-nsp] vs ip device tracking on cisco3850

Christophe Fillot cf at utc.fr
Mon Jun 22 07:24:56 EDT 2015

On 06/19/2015 05:46 PM, Tarko Tikan wrote:
> hey,
>> I have been troubleshooting a similar problem with IP device tracking
>> on a CAT4500 with SUP8. IDT was enabled by default and there was
>> really no way to properly disable it.
> AFAIR it was possible to disable it per interface, and thats not really 
> a solution. There was no global "no ip device tracking" knob.

We got a problem here with our IP cameras here (3750E involved), they
crashed because of the unicast ARP probes sent by the switches. We had
to disable IPDT on each interface with "ip device tracking maximum 0".

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