[c-nsp] 4500X in VSS - Upgrading IOS XE

Steven Pfister SPfister at dps.k12.oh.us
Wed Apr 6 08:23:04 EDT 2016

I've just been through upgrading a couple of 4500X pairs using this same
procedure (without touching the VSS link) going from 3.7.1E to 3.7.3E.
The upgrade was done to try and fix a problem we've been having.
Occasionally, the 4500X pair will become unreachable for several minutes
and usually come back on its own. Nothing in the logs seems to indicate
any problems. On a small handful of occasions, a visit to the site is
necessary to do the redundancy shelf reload. When that happens, all the
usual neighbors seem to present, but nobody is pingable. Everything is
OK after the reload. Has anyone seen anything like that?
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Disconnecting VSS/removing VSS/VSL conf was a recommendation from
TAC(For a non ISSU upgrade)....which sounded like a very unusual
requirement lol.....hence my question here.


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Why would you need to disconnect the VSS link? We've upgraded them
successfully from 3.6 to 3.7 without disconnecting the VSS links and
reloading them individually.

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Hi Everyone(Sent this to the list yesterday, but it still hasnt shown
up?  So re-sending),

I need to upgrade IOS XE on a pair of 4500X's...Id prefer not to
try/use ISSU, as they are remote switches and in production....so Im
hoping someone has performed an upgrade on these boxes(In VSS) and can
provide some guidance on a method that "works" :)

Ive read where people disconnect the VSS link (Or shutdown those
ports), and perform the upgrade on the 2 switches, then reconnect
VSS....but could you do something like this:

conf reg on both switches is already set to 0x2102, so the switches
should honour the bootvar variables

copy new IOS XE to bootflash & slavebootflash

update boot var to point to new XE image

boot system flash bootflash:xxx

wr mem and check bootvar is updated

and reload both switches:

redundancy reload shelf

This should reload both switches, and they should come up with the new
image, and VSS should re-establish?

Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations

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