[c-nsp] blackholed traffic on ether-channel

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Apr 8 03:26:55 EDT 2016

On 07/04/16 22:15, Hunter Fuller wrote:
> Look out for SY2!! We were on that release when we rolled out our
> Cat6807s in 2014 but there was a gross bug where a malformed mDNS
> packet could crash the sup! We had a quad-sup VSS at this time and it
> crashed all four within a minute! I'm unsure if this was VSS specific
> but I did get confirmation that it wasn't quad-sup specific.
> We are now on 15.1(2)SY4 and life is good... for now..

Note there's a 4a - the "a" release generally indicate pretty serious 
bugs in the plain release, IME, but I haven't pored over the release 
notes in a while.

Just to continue the comedy train for the 68xx IOS discussions, watch 
out for CSCut83493 on anything prior to SY5 ;o)

There's a slightly-larger-than-normal number of resolved caveats in 
SY5/6, be aware.

Basically, Cat6k IOS is the same it's always been - find a release where 
the known bugs don't affect *you* and stick on it until otherwise.

(It's not proving a great platform for us TBH - I still can't get good 
Netflow performance out of a 68xx in exactly the same environments a 
sup720 thrived... oh the irony)

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