[c-nsp] Policy routing visibility in the CEF table

Nick Cutting ncutting at edgetg.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 03:07:01 EDT 2016

Now this may only be on certain platforms – or not exist at all.

I was sure in the past I saw a show command for the cef table that let you see if policy routing was being used on a source destination pair.  

No one except students actually likes policy routing in the real world...but at certain places I am stuck with it.

As policy routing does not show up in the routing table, and looking at route maps is cumbersome with large config – I think I once used a command that is similar to the command used to check the CEF load balancing output interfaces when using ECMP

Does anyone know/remember this – or does it not exist? (in IOS)

sh ip cef exact-route SRC DEST  (on a sup2t)

gives me the output of the adjacency (interface, nexthop) it is the normal outgoing interface in the routing table.

Any ideas? Or did I dream this?

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