[c-nsp] ASR 920 firmware bugs in 03.18.00.S / 15.6(2)S

Chris Welti chris.welti at switch.ch
Thu Apr 28 09:00:12 EDT 2016

My guess is that only the ASR-920-24SZ-M model is affected, as it's the only model that does NOT have dual-rate 10G ports.
By default, if there is no license at all, the 10GE ports are put in admin down state.

Table 2:
"Without license: With no 10G licensed installed, the ports Te0/0/24 – Te0/0/27 cannot be used. They remain in "admin-down" state and cannot be activated using the no shutdown command.
With license: After you install and activate the license with single bundle count, ports Te0/0/24 – Te0/0/25 are activated. The remaining ports will be in "admin-down" state.
When you install the second bundle license (bundle count=2), all TenGig ports (Te0/0/24 – Te0/0/27) are activated. "

In all other models, the 10GE ports will just be put into 1G mode instead of 10G mode when there is no license activated.
Thus it will not change the ports admin state when a transceiver is removed.

Note that the document above was written before flexi license.

Before Flexi license, specific ports were activated with the different possible licenses, in case of a bulk license, all ports were activated.
With Flexi license, there is just an amount of 1G and 10G ports that is licensed and the licence for a port will be activated (removed from available pool) or de-activated (added to available pool)
upon insertion/removal of the SFP/SFP+.

They should just fix the behaviour of the non-dual-rate 10GE ports so that they are not put into admin down state when there is no license.


On 28/04/16 14:40, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 28/Apr/16 14:28, Chris Welti wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> there is no option of not using the Flexi license.
>> It is a mandatory feature that can not be disabled.
> Thanks, Chris.
> Need to test this to the bone.
> Mark.

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