[c-nsp] QinQ 4500X -> ME3600 and access(pop) multiple inner vlans

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Tue Feb 2 04:28:08 EST 2016

Hi Everyone,

We have an AGG port(Standard trunk port) to a carrier on a 4500X - Port has multiple customer vlans for p-t-p eth services.

A service they have released will allow us to connect to azure/office 365 via QinQ(Carrier doing QinQ, not us) - i.e. We agree to an outer vlan tag with the carrier, and they create QinQ tunnel to azure/office 365...then multiple inner vlan tags are agreed to between us/azure for various services over this QinQ tunnel.

My question is this:

With our current setup (i.e. 4500X, standard dot1q trunk), we would just tag the outer vlan for the carrier to use for the QinQ tunnel to azure...this is fine, but for us to be able to "access" the inner vlans, Im hoping we can trunk this outer vlan to an ME3600, and then pop each inner vlan, and use them as needed.....Is this possible? ie will the "inner" tags be maintained going through the 4500X, and if so, if someone could point me in the direction of ME3600 docco that details how to pop the individual inner vlans, it would be greatly appreciated.


Carriers outer vlan is 800
Inner tags from azure are 10,20,30


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