[c-nsp] Nexus Switches Performance...

Alireza Soltanian soltanian at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 10:45:32 EST 2016

Hi everybody
I asked a lot of questions about C6500 and you provide the answers to me. I
will be honored if you provide answer to these question regarding NEXUS
In Nexus 56128P:The data sheet says it Supports 2.56 Tbps of bandwidth
across 48 fixed. If I install two Expansion modules with 24x1/10GE ports
then will I have this capacity all across the Chassis?
In Nexus 5592UP also this question is applicable.
Another question is will Nexus switches have C6500 limitations for Fabric
and Local Switching? Or I will have 10GE line rate all over the chassis in
the term of Local Switching and Fabric Switching. What about Nexus 3064P?

Thank you in advanced

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