[c-nsp] NCS-5001 - MPLS L3VPN Issue

Adam Vitkovsky Adam.Vitkovsky at gamma.co.uk
Wed Feb 3 08:16:21 EST 2016

Hi James,

> James Bensley
> Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2016 3:33 PM
> On 2 February 2016 at 15:09, Adam Vitkovsky
> <Adam.Vitkovsky at gamma.co.uk> wrote:
> > Are you running 5+ by any chance?
> >
> >> It’s been years since IOS-XR was released on ASR9000's, no excuse now
> >> for basic features still not working. The TAC responses aren’t
> >> helpful either;
> >
> > I'm sorry to hear that as I have very positive experiences solving cases with
> XR team in Europe.
> > And if the guy on the line did not know how to solve some hardcore
> problem he would get me the SME, a gentleman who designed the particular
> technology on XR so we could have a private techtorial for couple of hours to
> get it solved.
> So TAC responses for "something is broken we need help" is good, config
> issues great, XR TAC is way better than "regular" TAC IMO. I'm talking about
> fresh new bugs. TAC look, agree its a bug, it has to get punted to the BU, now
> the pace of help slows way down because even if the TAC case is a P1
> whatever BU has been roped in seems ignorant of any sense of priority.
I see, yeah that part is tricky as it depends on who do you know in Cisco and/or how big you are.

> >> things like "running an Inter-AS MPLS Option B and BGP-LU at the same
> >> time is not supported" - So we can have labelled VPN routes, or
> >> labelled GRT routes but not both? In this day and age! Someone once
> >> said to us “Inter-AS MPLS Opt C isn’t supported at all” - which we
> >> were running on the PE/ASBR under investigation. We’ve had bucket
> >> loads of issues/TAC cases (we are still opening TAC cases at a decent rate).
> > That's striking.
> It's ridiculous is what it is.
> > I don't know about that as I have been running labelled-unicast and vpnv4
> AFs in the lab just fine.
> > So which part of the Inter-AS MPLS OptC is not supposed to work according
> to TAC please?
> I think actually the problelm was we were running OptC and Opt B (so LU
> path between RRs and VPNv4 between ASBRs, basically migrating from one
> option to the other in a stagged approach). During this period we had some
> issues that are still present after the migration I believe (most label recycling
> issues).
I see I haven't done B to C migration so I can't fully appreciate all the corner cases one might run into.

> Label recycling issues, lets talk about that. Jesus christ I've seen alot of
> those.TAC don't seem to be able to replicate it however we've had it on two
> seperate networks both times as soon as we lifted the boxes off 4.3.4
> default to 4.3.4 + latest SP and the boxes are running Inter-AS OptB. I'm now
> building a lab to try and reliably replicate it for me self so I can kick TAC's arse
> into fixing it.
I've seen couple of HW programing bugs but didn't came across this one as far as I remember.

> Any routers running 4.3.4 default, as soon as they were lifted off default to
> SP4/6/8/10 they have all encountered some form of bug, every time (BGP
> processes stuck at 50% CPU, label recycling errors, line cards rebooting etc).
Yeah I don't like Service Packs, I think it's better to cherry pick only SMUs that are relevant to bugs that you might run into.
And there's always a danger of reintroduction of bugs e.g. a SMU fixes recent bug but reintroduces bug that was fixed by some older SMU.

> 5.1.3 + latest SP is most stable we have found. Once some routers came with
> 5.1.2 out of the box which we would 5.1.3 once they were deployed in the
> DC (once they were racked etc, whereas we would normally upgrade pre-
> shipping to DC) we had some PHY bugs with a WDWM mux. Not to mention
> we hit that famous SSH bug on those too with SSH crashing.
> > My stance on this is that I'd beaten the kit to death in the lab anyways
> before deployment so even if Cisco would swear there are no bug I'd do my
> own scrutiny.
> > On the other hand having to report elemental bugs sucks. But is it the case
> on x.x.3 or x.x.4 version of the code please or was I just lucky or ignorant?
> What we often hear from TAC is "$this feature is supported and so is $that
> feature, but $this and $that together is not" - they are good in that they will
> and look into the problem anyway however telling us that $this + $that is not
> support on the same box makes them not usable for their intended market?!
Well if it's something crucial and was covered in RFP you can claim your money back.


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