[c-nsp] Some Questions about Nexus 5000/3000 Switches

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Wed Feb 3 12:29:58 EST 2016

Alireza Soltanian wrote:
> Nexus 5596UP:
> Can I have both 1/10GE speed on all ports or Just 10GE? This contains both
> Fixed and Modular ports.

I believe it does 1G/10G on all ports.  Previous N5k models had
limitations in this area.

Mixing 1G and 10G on the same chassis is not generally a good idea
because you will end up dropping packets due to the speed differences
between the two media.

> For both above models and N3064P:
> Is there any limitation in Fabric Switching or Local Switching same as
> C6500-E or Not?

it doesn't work like that on these platforms.  You may run into issues
with oversubscription between the fabric extenders and the local switch
or between one local switch and another, but the switches themselves
should be able to handle line rate on all ports.

BTW, the N3000 series is a completely different internal architecture to
the N5K series.


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