[c-nsp] C3560X Layer 3 throughput

Elmar K. Bins elmi at 4ever.de
Tue Feb 16 07:28:46 EST 2016

p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk (Phil Mayers) wrote:

> >What is the real world expected throughput on the C3560X devices when
> >doing basic Layer 3 routing?
> I'd expect it to be able to do line-rate with almost no CPU - it should be
> forwarding in hardware.

That was my experience with all Cisco L3 switches (35x, 375x, et al)
- as long as nothing gets punted to CPU (due to, e.g., netflow f***ups
etc.), forwarding is line rate, meaning your throughput depends on the
size of your packets.

> Check you have the IP rather than LAN image running, that you've got an
> appropriate SDM template for routing, that you haven't got any unsupported
> features enabled, and that you aren't otherwise inducing it to punt to CPU
> e.g. by getting a lot of IP redirects/ICMP unreach or other such activity.

The SDM template should not have too much of an influence, unless you
are constantly timing out stuff.


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