[c-nsp] Nexus 3K (3048TP) and 10Gb twinax

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Fri Feb 19 19:25:45 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

Trying to connect 2 Nexus 3Ks together for VPC via 2 x 10Gb ports (With 10Gb twinax cables(3rd party)), but the Nexus reports them as "SFP validation failed", and only 1Gb?

# sh int eth 1/51
Ethernet1/51 is down (SFP validation failed)
 Dedicated Interface
  Hardware: 1000/10000 Ethernet, address: 547f.ee7b.ff5a (bia 547f.ee7b.ff5a)
  MTU 1500 bytes, BW 10000000 Kbit, DLY 10 usec
  reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255
  Encapsulation ARPA
  Port mode is access
  Full-duplex, 10 Gb/s, media type is 1G

Ive tried service unsupported-transceiver, but they are still reporting as only 1Gb?

# sh int e1/51 transceiver details
    transceiver is present
    type is 1000base-X
    name is OEM
    part number is GLC-LH-SMD-CURV
    revision is 001
    serial number is H1508186077
    nominal bitrate is 1300 MBit/sec
    Link length supported for 9/125um fiber is 20 km
    cisco id is --
    cisco extended id number is 4

           SFP Detail Diagnostics Information (internal calibration)
                Current              Alarms                  Warnings
                Measurement     High        Low         High          Low
  Temperature   31.78 C        85.00 C    -10.00 C     80.00 C       -5.00 C
  Voltage        3.26 V         3.70 V      2.90 V      3.59 V        3.00 V
  Current        0.23 mA  --   65.00 mA    10.00 mA    60.00 mA      12.00 mA
  Tx Power        N/A     --    0.99 dBm  -13.01 dBm    0.00 dBm    -12.00 dBm
  Rx Power        N/A     --    0.99 dBm  -26.98 dBm    0.00 dBm    -26.98 dBm
  Note: ++  high-alarm; +  high-warning; --  low-alarm; -  low-warning

Also tried forcing 10Gb, but get the following error:

(config-if)# speed 10000
ERROR: Ethernet1/51: Configuration does not match the port capability.

I dont have physical access to the switches(Ive just got console access), but we def ordered 10Gb twinax cables....has anyone else seen this issue before?  (The 10Gb ports on the Nex3K's support copper correct?)


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