[c-nsp] SSH public key authentication

Romain Boissat rboissat at lv0.in
Fri Feb 26 04:48:30 EST 2016

Hello list,

2016-02-25 12:11 GMT+01:00 Tom Storey <tom at snnap.net>:

> Playing with public key authentication on a 1811, and it seems that
> when trying to paste in my public key, it wont accept more than 254
> characters.
> The public key is longer than 254 characters, however.
> How does one go about entering more than 254 characters? Im sure Im
> missing something really simple here, like a control character
> sequence to allow more text to be entered on a following line
> perhaps....?

You can use `fold` to truncate any string in a multi line fashion and then
paste the result:

fold -w 50 ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

Romain Boissat

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