[c-nsp] ME3600X 15.2S memory leak

Spyros Kakaroukas s.kakaroukas at connecticore.com
Mon Feb 29 05:17:44 EST 2016

This is interesting.

I've had something that fits your description happen on a me3600x a few days
ago. I don't have OOB on this box yet ( Hello Murphy! ) but the local logs
indicate that IS-IS went down, the box stopped routing completely but it did
not crash or show any other indications of anything awry. Unfortunately the
local peeps power-cycled it without snapping a sh tech first , so I don't
have any other info.

I'm running 15.4(3)S3 at the moment and I've yet to encounter any other
serious issues.

My thoughts and words are my own.

Kind Regards,

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On 28/Feb/16 12:45, James Bensley wrote:

> Doh! Miss read your email!
> Out of curiosity, what takes you to 15.5 over 15.3 or 15.4 (15.4 seems 
> too buggy to me, but I'm happy with 15.3(3)S4/5/6 as long as there 
> aren't features you need missing from there) - was it features or bugs or


It has been rock solid for us since last June (apart from losing interface
descriptions upon reboot), until this issue on this one box.

At any rate, 15.5(3)S2 has received Cisco's gold star - not that it means
much, but we've deployed it and we'll see what happens. And the interface
description loss issue is now fixed, at least...

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