[c-nsp] ASR 1001-x rock solid code?

James Jun james at towardex.com
Fri Jan 8 20:21:28 EST 2016

On Fri, Jan 08, 2016 at 01:50:42PM -0800, Scott Voll wrote:
> I'm just getting a couple ASR's and do not have any in production, but have
> to move to production in short order.  Can someone give me some idea of the
> most rock solid code for these guys right now?  I'm just routing packets on
> a wan internally so nothing big.  Came with 3.13.2S but the only MD is
> 3.13.4S and there is code all the way up to 3.17.x but they are all
> ED.Nothing is currently Starred as a Best bet type image.

03.13.02.S ( 15.4(3)S2 ) is what Cisco is shipping on most of these boxes now, and it is stable.  I'd stick with it unless you run into something specific.

The only "bad" 1001-X release I've run into was 03.13.00.S.


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