[c-nsp] C6509 Fabric Switch Capacity

Simon Lockhart simon at slimey.org
Wed Jan 13 10:24:31 EST 2016

On Wed Jan 13, 2016 at 07:10:09AM -0800, Azher Mughal wrote:
> For WS 6704 (with DFC3B), I was able to go close to 9Gbps per port
> across the bus when using Iperf and jumbo frames. Single port on each of
> the bus gives you line rate of 9.9Gbps.

Sounds like you come from the Cisco camp of performance testing :)

Yes, under ideal conditions you can probably get close to linerate on them,
but stick general Internet traffic through them, and you won't. I believe it's
a limitation on PPS, so jumbo frames are what let you fill the ports.


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