[c-nsp] ASR920 "console" port....ugh

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Thanks Nathan - I really question Cisco's thought process....what was "wrong" with the traditional style RJ45 console port?  Took up too much realestate??

We have rack kits for them, but Ive only just unpacked 2, found the fun console ports, got that working, and upgraded XE on them both....havent installed rack kits yet, but thanks for the heads up....can they still be racked on top of each other, or does the rack kit cause issues?

Im going to order in a few of these 

Serial Console Kit, USB-to-RJ45 cable

Hopefully they will do what I need....Im assuming they will be very inexpensive lol


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> Hi everyone,
> I see the ASR920 doesnt have the "traditional" console port, but uses USB....then you have to install special driver on your Lappy/whatever that turns the USB into a "console" port (So you can access it via putty etc.)
> While painful(But works), my other issue is with how to solve remote DC's/OOB....i.e. we currently use Opengears and still a couple of old 2500's with the RJ45 ports for the console connections......question is, has anyone successfully used a USB->console/RJ45 connector on these devices? (So I would still be USB cable from ASR920 -> converter(USB->RJ45?), then rollover cable from adapter to Opengear console ports?
> Begs the other question...why have Cisco decided to cease using the traditional console ports? purely to frustrate users of there equipment? lol

Hi, there is both a USB signalled console port, and an RS232 console. The RS232 console uses a USB style connector, which is very, very poor. Cisco sell a cable that gives you an RJ45 RS232, it’s just wires, no active components in there.

I’m not sure I’ve got one handy, but when I do, I can reverse engineer the cable for you so you can get the pinout if you like - but I don’t imagine it’d be hard to figure out if you’ve got a multimeter, USB connectors only have 4 pins.

Also, have you got ASR920 rack mount ears? Ever notice that they’re taller than 1RU because of the folded bits? It’s a pretty bad product from a physical design POV.

Nathan Ward

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