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Cheers for the replies guys - I'm really interested in the rational behind moving to USB from traditional RJ45 ports....realestate?....boggles the mind.

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On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 08:50:49PM +1300, Nathan Ward wrote:
Hi, there is both a USB signalled console port, and an RS232 console.
The RS232 console uses a USB style connector, which is very, very poor.

Is that the "EIA console" port?  On an USB A-type connector?


Check out "Figure 1-2 Front Panel of Cisco ASR-920-12CZ-D Router" on this page:

"Console port (TIA/EIA-232F)" is RS232 on a USB connector.
"Auxiliary Console port" is also RS232 on a USB connector.

The only USB signalled ports are down the other end of the router.

Cisco sell a cable that gives you an RJ45 RS232, it???s just wires, no active components in there.

>From the description I assumed that this would be some sort of standard
USB RS232 cable, but what you write scares me deeply...

Yeah, it's naff. Really, really, naff.

Nathan Ward

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