[c-nsp] ASR920 "console" port....ugh

Erik Sundberg ESundberg at nitelusa.com
Sat Jan 16 05:51:23 EST 2016

Just finished installing a ASR920 tonight... I had the same issue, just order 6 of those console kits.... This is really annoying...

My rack mount brackets don't look like that...

Some changes from Cisco Norm for the ASR920
- No RJ45 console port, very disappointing
- The power plug for AC is a C15 not a normal C13
- Services Instances are 1-4000 not 4096. We usually keep the service instance id and the stag the same. You couldn't add another 96 service instances.
- Interface layout on the switch would have been nice if it was like cisco switch top left is the first port, but on the asr920 it's the bottom right is port G0/0/0.
- interface number start with 0 like a router, instead of 1 like the ME3800's
- Management Interface vrf name is forced to Mgmt-intf, you can't change it.
- It's weird that the power supplies stick out a 1/4" inch

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Cheers Nathan...sane logic appears to have alluded the team responsible for some of these choices....

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> Thanks Nathan - I really question Cisco's thought process....what was "wrong" with the traditional style RJ45 console port?  Took up too much realestate??
> We have rack kits for them, but Ive only just unpacked 2, found the fun console ports, got that working, and upgraded XE on them both....havent installed rack kits yet, but thanks for the heads up....can they still be racked on top of each other, or does the rack kit cause issues?

Caused issues for me, yeah.

Here's a pic:


Those folded bits are so it can sit flat when in wall mount mode, but they make it taller than 1RU. Pretty stupid.

Nathan Ward

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