[c-nsp] ASR920 "console" port....ugh

Nathan Ward cisco-nsp at daork.net
Sat Jan 16 20:38:44 EST 2016

> On 17/01/2016, at 00:03, Erik Sundberg <ESundberg at nitelusa.com> wrote:
> cisco ASR-920-24SZ-M
> Rack mount Brackets   -- more like the cisco 2901 rack mount brackets
> http://imgur.com/MpXp8li

Ahh right, the ASR-920-4SZ-A model (which I have) isn’t as wide, so the brackets take up the extra space. Because they’ve got an extra couple cm to cover, they need the extra thickness so the bracket works in wall mount mode.

No replaceable PSUs on these either. You either get naff brackets or PSUs that stick out the front, I guess.

Nathan Ward

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