[c-nsp] 1000BASE-ZX/LH multi-manufacturer interconnection

Michele Bergonzoni bergonz at labs.it
Mon Jan 18 04:23:27 EST 2016

> equipments of different vendors using 1000BASE-ZX/LH. Since 1000BASE-ZX
> isn`t standardized by IEEE, ... Can I connect 2 equipments of different manufactures
> using their own manufactured transceiver?

We do it all the time and never had any problem. Of course you have to comply with minumum attenuation requirements (don't test them with a short patch, you could damage your receivers).

I too am curious to hear about stories of such incompatibilities, if any.

The lack of a standard means that if it actually doesn't work, you will have a hard time to blame it on vendors. I'm afraid you have to accept this risk.


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