[c-nsp] Dell VLT to Cisco VSS

David Wilkinson cisco-nsp at noroutetohost.net
Mon Jan 18 18:54:22 EST 2016

Hi Nick,

I haven't done with Cisco VSS, however I have linked a pair of Dell F10 
MXL-10/40GbEs with a pair of Cisco Nexus N3Ks
On the Cisco Nexus end I used VPC and VLT on the Dell F10 side.

Both sides were setup with LACP and worked fine without issues. As far 
as each side was concerned they were in a port channel with a single 
switch running LACP

Hope that helps.



On 18/01/2016 19:56, Paul wrote:
> Haven't tested it with Dell(force10 stuffs), but have with several 
> other vendors and never had a problem with LAG implementation using 
> the standard so I'd assume it would work but you just never know, 
> different hardware versions, code versions, etc.. bugs..
> On 1/18/2016 5:10 AM, Nick Cutting wrote:
>> I am familiar with the theory
>> I was wondering If anyone had actually done this, and if there are 
>> any real world caveats.
>> I will be testing this week, however the kit is in Hong Kong, so it's 
>> a bit "remote handsy"
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>> VSS is single control plane so it's all one big chassis, the dell 
>> switch would have no idea it isn't connected to a single 6500 and 
>> should work without issues.
>> VPC is dual control planes using mLAG which is still transparent to 
>> the LAG partner as long as the control protocol is standard (802.1ax 
>> w/ LACP for
>> example)  there *should* be no issues.
>> stritcly talking about link aggregation here, whatever else you might 
>> be running is another story as with everything... test it first :)
>> On 1/18/2016 3:12 AM, Nick Cutting wrote:
>>> I'm told Dell VLT is very similar to Nexus VPC.
>>> I plan to connect 2 Dell S4820T switches to a VSS'ed 6500 (QSFP+
>>> breakout cables) It would be similar to 2 nexus5/7k's connected to a 
>>> VSS pair.
>>> Or am I a mad man, dancing with inter-vendor prop tech - and would 
>>> be better off with a normal LACP port channel to one 6500, for each 
>>> switch?
>>> Does anyone have an field experience doing this?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Nick
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