[c-nsp] Cisco ASR920-24SZ-IM BVI Feature Limitations

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Tue Jan 19 01:36:11 EST 2016

On 19/Jan/16 08:22, michalis.bersimis at hq.cyta.gr wrote:

> Hello,
> Irrelevant of BVI feature, one another limitation also is the lack of support of mVPN (Draft-rosen model) and only mldp feature is supported at least prior to the IOS 3.17. Although, 3.17 CCO says that it supports the feature, during testing, there as some issues, such as no pim neighborship over VRF which seems the ASR920 cannot perform neighborship with the other PE, although the other PEs see the ASR920 as a neighbor.
> The above, can be "fix" with the selection of  SDM video profile, that enables the neighborship over VRF to be working does come up, but no mcast traffic is flowing. We have an open case with TAC for this. Also in 3.17 the IPv4 scale witth SDP IP profile is increased from 20k to 24k but it decreases some others eg. VPLS instances etc.

The ASR920 supports NG-MVPN, and we tested this.

Are you testing NG-MVPN or Rosen?


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