[c-nsp] A9K-RSP440 SFP+ ports

David Wilkinson cisco-nsp at noroutetohost.net
Wed Jan 20 12:07:20 EST 2016


Can the 2x 10 SFP+ ports on the A9K-RSP440 be used like a normal 10G 
port you would have on a line card?

The datasheet says that they are "Two 10-GE Small Form-Factor Pluggable 
Plus (SFP+) virtualization cluster ports".
I assume the virtualization cluster port is to do with VSS/nV, Looking 
at images of the ASR 9001 it has ports specifically labelled as cluster 
ports where as the images of the RSP440 labelled them as SFP+. So I am 
guessing they are normal ports which can be configured to be cluster 
ports and could used normally to link up to rest of the network?



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