[c-nsp] Most cost effective 100G router?

Tom Hill tom at ninjabadger.net
Wed Jan 20 17:40:48 EST 2016

On 20/01/16 22:17, Peter Kranz wrote:
> Anyone have any thoughts the most cost effective chassis available currently
> that supports 100G ports? Need to route upwards of 200 Gbps and handle full
> tables, but cost is definitely a factor.

I suspect you can pick two out of the three in most cases:

 'Cost effective'
 DFZ table(s)

Cost effective is relative to your business. Obviously keeping costs
down is important, but there's also the train of thought that says you
might not be charging enough for what you're selling.

Still, look at what Netflix have done with Arista switches - 100G
density there is cheap, and you can hold enough routes at your nodes
(plus a default) to handle the local portion of the DFZ.

Cisco have some very dense, "cost effective" IOS-XR devices en-route to
market (NCS 5500 range) but they don't do full tables, seemingly.
Whether they will in the future is of rumour & debate, however, you
could use that for density and say, a few carefully-located ASR9904s
with the buy-as-you-grow 8x100G line card?

Really it does depend on how your network is laid out, and what your
traffic patterns are (as James mentions).


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