[c-nsp] Most cost effective 100G router?

Peter Kranz pkranz at unwiredltd.com
Wed Jan 20 18:17:50 EST 2016

Happy to clarify James, to expand:

" Anyone have any thoughts the most cost effective chassis available
currently that supports 100G ports? Need to route upwards of 200 Gbps and
handle full tables, but cost is definitely a factor."

I would be using 2x100G ports to upstream providers pulling full tables..
and probably 10G LAG groups or 40G ports to feed the downstream user who
does not have 100G port capabilities.

If I spread across two chassis for redundancy and failover.. then each
chassis would have:

1 100G port facing an upstream
1 100G port facing the other chassis
10 10G or 4 40G ports facing the downstream customer
Full routes

The application doesn't really support spending $200k on the solution, so
I'm looking around for something game changing. I think 100G might be too
young at this point to find it honestly.

Peter Kranz
pkranz at unwiredltd.com

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