[c-nsp] monitoring ethernet errors on ASR9K series

Erçin Torun ercintorun at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 11:37:23 EST 2016

Hello All,

I'm looking for a way to create syslog and snmp trap on ASR9K series for
ethernet  interfaces when  symbol, framing etc. errors are seen. Especially
i'm searching for a method with configurable intervals to create alarms
lets say for 10^(-6) error ratio.  Methods that came into my mind are:

- *RMON*:  Seems like it is not available on ASR9K, at least i could'nt
- *Event Manager:* It is possible using a TCL but i do not prefer. It would
be good if IOS-XR supports basic events and actions through cli.
- *SNMP*: It is ofcourse possible to poll and monitor interface stats but i
would like to create a syslog entry on the router, also an snmp-trap.
- *EOAM*: Configuring OAM will create  critical event thus logs when
link-monitoring is enabled, but for p2p ethernet links we prefer to use
BFD, not EOAM.

Is there a way to create syslog and/or snmp-traps like RMON or with some
predefined snmp traps on the system.  I'm trying to find a solution on
IOS-XR 5.1.3.

*IOS event sample: *

event interface name TenGigabitEthernet5/1 parameter input_errors_crc
entry-op gt entry-val 0 entry-type increment exit-comb or exit-op eq
exit-val 0 exit-type increment exit-time 5000 exit-event true poll-interval

*IOS Rommon sample: *

rmon event 1 log trap eventtrap description "High ifOutErrors" owner ownerA
rmon alarm 10 ifEntry.20.1 20 delta rising-threshold 15 1 falling-threshold
0 owner ownerA

*Juniper Rommon sample: *

set snmp rmon alarm 1 description "Misaligned Packet Monitoring"

set snmp rmon alarm 1 interval 10

set snmp rmon alarm 1 variable *ifJnxInFrameErrors*

set snmp rmon alarm 1 sample-type delta-value

set snmp rmon alarm 1 request-type walk-request

set snmp rmon alarm 1 rising-threshold 3

set snmp rmon alarm 1 falling-threshold 0

set snmp rmon alarm 1 rising-event-index 1

set snmp rmon alarm 1 falling-event-index 2

set snmp rmon alarm 1 syslog-subtag INTERFACE_ERROR_WARN

set snmp rmon event 1 description "Generate Event - Too many Misaligned
Packet Error"

set snmp rmon event 1 type log-and-trap


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