[c-nsp] Etherchannel load-balacing change on live network

Chuck Church chuckchurch at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 11:34:47 EDT 2016

If it's that much of a concern, I would look at the release notes for a
'current' IOS version for that platform, and check the caveats for bugs that
might have involved your version and etherchannel stuff.  Or a search on the
bug tool, though that involves a little luck on guessing the right keyword.


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On 7/Jul/16 22:35, Satish Patel wrote:

> I am seeing out of 4 etherchannel 1 of under heavy utilization. I 
> checked on switch and its saying "src-mac" load-balancing. I need to 
> change it to src-dst-ip so load sharing get more randomize.
> Just wanted to make sure it won't hurt current traffic.

>From my experience, it shouldn't.

But like all things, plan it during a maintenance window if you are really

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