[c-nsp] Cisco ASR 9k transporting QinQ traffic

Tom Hill tom at ninjabadger.net
Thu Jul 14 07:26:17 EDT 2016

On 14/07/16 12:09, David Wilkinson wrote:
> Can any one point me in the right direction and let me know what I have
> done wrong, I am assuming it something on the ASR configuration as QinQs
> between the 4948s taking another path without the ASR in the middle work
> fine.

I *think* you're wrongly assuming that dot1q-tunnel actually uses the
dot1ad EtherType on its outside tag, I don't believe it does.

After changing to dot1q, then you're seeing working stuff, but probably
incorrect configuration on the ASR.

Perhaps try something like:

 encapsulation dot1q 427 second-dot1q any exact

I've got this setup working with single dot1q VLANs, but I've not had to
bother with dot1qtunnel or dot1ad!

Good luck :)


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